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Authentic Greek Manouri KARALIS 600-650g / Pack Apprx

Product No.: CHKR05
Brand Name: Karalis
Price Now: HK$ 150
In Stock: No
Manouri is a semi-soft, fresh Greek whey cheese with P.D.O status. It is made from goat and/or sheep milk and is made exclusively in the protected areas of Central and Western Macedonia and in Thessalia that are recognised to produce the cheese.

Manouri is a creamy and mild cheese with a texture reminding a light cheesecake. It is sometimes characterised of having a milky, slightly citrusy flavour. This creamy cheese with no casing is also served for breakfast as a low-fat alternative to Greek yogurt.

Suitable for vegetarians as it does not use animal rennet. It has a very low salt content and fats ranging between 38-42%.