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Cyprus Halloumi Cheese, 250g pack,

Product No.: CHAP01
Brand Name: A.P. Polycarpou
Price Now: HK$ 90
In Stock: Yes

Our authentic, award winning, 100% sheep's milk halloumi is here!

"Polycarpou halloumi is hand made with 100% fresh sheep's milk, and is characterised by its bright white colour, its layered texture and the traditional hand folded shape. The rich sheep milk aroma and the cheese's ability to retain its structure and mass when grilled or fried, makes it a pleasure to eat and work with."

The Polycarpou family has been engaged in livestock keeping and cheese making for 5 generations. The art of halloumi cheese making has been carefully preserved over the generations and the same techniques are used now as were used 50 years ago. 

The area of Prastio (Avdimou), is famous throughout Cyprus for its dairy products and especially halloumi making. The altitude, the temperate climate and rich flora found in this area, are ideal conditions for the breed of sheep used in halloumi making. Polycarpou uses fresh day milk, sourced from their own herd of sheep and is therefore able to consistently produce the same great flavoursome halloumi cheese.

A.Polycarpou has won multiple taste awards in different competitions in the last 5 years and is widely regarded as the best traditional halloumi product on the island. In 2015 the company won an astonishing 7 taste awards in different European competitions.