Greek Deli in Hong Kong

Greek Deli was created by Greeks living in Hong Kong who are extremely passionate about Greek food and culture. Through our highly knowledgeable and thorough contacts in the food industry in Greece, we have managed to source and bring to Hong Kong, the finest products from selected producers across Greece for you to enjoy. We aim to bring the authentic taste of Greece to all those that love and seek the genuine Greek taste and Mediterranean way of life.

Why source Greek products from us

We supply our products with care, to any food business looking for an exceptional Mediterranean experience. Greece has its own unique products but can also easily match and surpass the quality and diversity of similar products from neighbouring Mediterranean producers. In Europe and the US, Greek agricultural products are highly appreciated and sought after. In Asia this is not yet the case, only because of a lack of marketing and consumer awareness. Greek products for this reason, deliver incredible quality and value for money.

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